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Psychotherapy for All People

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Psychotherapy for All People There is an unfortunate misconception out there in the world about psychotherapy and who it is for, and who needs it. Too many people have gotten their understanding about this powerful treatment from television and movies. Before you can understand the benefits of this type of treatment, you need a clear understanding of what this treatment is. Defining Psychotherapy There are two ways to treat mental disorders; one is by medical means like medications, or by psychological means like therapy. Psychotherapy treats different mental disorders by using psychological...

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Seeking Help Does Not Make You Weak

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Seeking Help Does Not Make You Weak Sometimes in our lives, the worst happens to the best of us. That person you thought had it ‘together’ losses themselves. They become less efficient and sometimes hide their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, most people will dismiss it as a crisis that the individual will sort after a while. What Are The Telltale Signs Of Mental Distress? You Are Self-Destructing You find yourself indulging in things that are ruining you. You find that you change sex partners more frequently than you change your hairdo. You are always moving from one to another, recklessly...

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Emotionally Focused Therapy Can Help Build Love in a Relationship

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Emotionally Focused Therapy Can Help Build Love in a Relationship Emotionally focused therapy seeks to identify differences in couples and how they affect them. These differences may be critical in determining the distress in a relationship or its success. Emotionally focused therapy can help reduce distress in relationships and find out creative, meaningful ways to help attain success. If a couple is in pain, they need a therapist to work out ways to bring life back to normal. Building love in a relationship can at times prove impossible, especially if there has been dissatisfaction and...

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Benefits of Couples Counseling

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Being in a relationship can have its ups and downs, but sometimes the downs get too difficult for us to handle on our own. That is why couples counseling is recommended for couples who are experiencing a rough patch in their relationship that they can’t seem to come out of on their own. Couples counseling can truly benefit the individuals and the relationship as a whole. Find out some of the benefits you and your partner can have as a result of attending couples counseling. Improved Communication One benefit of couples counseling is that you and your partner will improve your communication...

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How Mental Health Can Have an Impact on Your Life

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How Mental Health Can Have an Impact on Your Life Mental health can have a huge impact on the people it affects. Most people are oblivious to the full impact mental health has on different aspects of their lives. It is important for an individual to understand its effects in order to appreciate the importance of getting help on time. Impact on Relationships In romantic relationship mental health can affect how two people interact. It can affect one’s sex life and up to 80% of couples experience difficulties when it comes to intimacy. The person with the psychological problem may be too...

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