Your perceptions in life define the reality you live in. And although the connection may be as ambiguous as it seems, you need to understand that changing your perceptions can greatly affect the outcome of your life and the level of happiness and fulfillment you will get. There is even an old saying that goes, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

Negative perceptions are overpowering and destructive
Most people do not realize that their negative thinking patterns can be destructive to the point that it sets a limit to their abilities. When you look at things and everything that happens to you negatively, it creates a barrier where you restrict yourself from exploring your full potentials.

Gina M. Troisi, MA, LPC can help you overcome these barriers that gets in the way of a successful life. She has helped countless of people in and around Norwalk, CT and has contributed the improvement of their lives.

How do you change your perceptions?
Changing your consciousness starts with raising your self-awareness. When you are apprehensive of the judgments you create, the beliefs you instill within yourself, and how you grasp the reality around you, you can start modifying them. Simply being receptive of this can help you make a sensible choice that will force you to look at the brighter side of the situation.

Being mindful of your emotions and simply become aware of your thinking patterns, your self-talk and any triggers that you create can help you form new patterns. The process of getting a new perception doesn’t just stop there. When you have acquired a sense of awareness, you need to shift your thoughts to a positive one. One which is self-empowering and one which is parallel to what you want to establish and experience in life can contribute to the changes you want to achieve in life.