Emotionally Focused Therapy Can Help Build Love in a Relationship

Emotionally focused therapy seeks to identify differences in couples and how they affect them. These differences may be critical in determining the distress in a relationship or its success. Emotionally focused therapy can help reduce distress in relationships and find out creative, meaningful ways to help attain success. If a couple is in pain, they need a therapist to work out ways to bring life back to normal. Building love in a relationship can at times prove impossible, especially if there has been dissatisfaction and agony.

Processing the Feelings For Couples
Healing a relationship that is in trouble can be a difficult thing for therapists. While therapists may want to heal the past relationship, creating a new one that heals may seem a positive approach. This can be obtained by processing the feelings of the couples. It can help create safety in couples and ensure they reach for each other in a softer, authentic way.

Attachment and EFT
EFT focuses on attachment theory to help understand the feeling of people in a relationship. Couples in distress may show different attachments such as anxious, avoidance, fearful, and secure. It will require different approaches to deal with these kinds of attachments in couples.

How Effective is EFT?
As a family therapy, EFT has proven to be successful in creating a sense of belonging among couples and increasing their attachment. The couples in distress participate in the therapy where they are coached on how to identify as well as express the attachment-related emotions associated with conflicts. They learn how to accept and be compassionate toward others emotions. The therapy also focuses on creating positive expressions that identify personal needs and desires.

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