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Guided Visualization and Hypnotherapy


I am trained in Permissive Hypnosis. It is a gentle, respectful form of hypnosis that trusts each person’s inner wisdom. It is also predicated on the knowledge that no one can be, or should ever be, hypnotized without choosing to be. It is straight forward and transparent. No tricks are involved.

I utilize both Guided Visualization and Hypnotherapy in my work with many different types of people to address a wide range of issues. In some ways, guided meditation is a cousin to hypnosis, however the “trance” or state of relaxation differs a bit. The intervention of the therapist may be different, as well.

Guided Visualization is one of many methods that encourages the client to focus their attention inside themselves, rather than on talking and interacting with the therapist. I use my voice to “guide” the client in accessing the right hemisphere of their brain, their imagination and other non-linear mental processes to explore an issue, conflict or dilemma they haven’t been able to address with their linear, left hemisphere alone. Hypnotherapy does generally the same thing, except there’s a longer, more formal trance induction and more structured protocols for the session.

Guided Visualization and Hypnotherapy are frequently used to develop anxiety management skills and emotional regulation skills, as well as a variety of other challenges that bring people to therapy.

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