Seeking Help Does Not Make You Weak
Sometimes in our lives, the worst happens to the best of us. That person you thought had it ‘together’ losses themselves. They become less efficient and sometimes hide their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, most people will dismiss it as a crisis that the individual will sort after a while.

What Are The Telltale Signs Of Mental Distress?

You Are Self-Destructing
You find yourself indulging in things that are ruining you. You find that you change sex partners more frequently than you change your hairdo. You are always moving from one to another, recklessly indulging in a habit that could damage you physically and emotionally. You know in your heart that all that alcohol and drugs are harmful, but you cannot stop yourself.

You Are Pulling Yourself Down
You are a self-deprecator, all the time bringing yourself down. You think of yourself as undeserving even when you know that to be opposite. When people pay you compliments, you will be the one correcting them, making them think you are not worth much. While some people may view this to be modesty, you know better in your mind. These are telltale signs that you need to talk to someone.

Body Image Struggles
Another sign that you are struggling is in your eating habits. You have started binge eating a way of dealing with issues. Naturally, you will gain weight, which could lead to body image issues. The opposite could also be true, where you cannot get yourself to eat enough to sustain you.

Other times you become a control freak who simply wants things done their way. You are unaccommodating of other people’s views and ideas. The results? You will be without friends, and eventually, this will take an emotional toll on you.

Time to Seek Help
There is only so much you can handle on your own. When the mind is unsettled, you find it hard to get anything done. Productivity levels plummet, and your work is affected. The wisest thing to do at this point is to talk to a psychotherapist.