Timing is a Crucial Thing in Seeking Marriage Counseling

If you ask marriage counselors and therapists, which are some of the most common questions they get from their clients, they will tell you something like this, “Can we really salvage our marriage?” or “Is it possible to help decide if or not we should allow our marriage stay?” If you look at these questions, one thing comes to mind; they are centered towards timing in seeking marriage counseling. But why do married people fail to discover when it’s the right time to seek counseling?

It’s not surprising to find that many couples wait for more than five or so years before they seek help to repair their marriage. They take five years building up resentments only to find that it’s not working and they cannot resolve the differences. Every time they try to solve things, they find themselves ending up in the same arguments. The perception is that things will someday get better.

Some couples even avoid conflicts because they fear that it will end their relationship, but taking this route may cause the marriage to backfire and plunge into deeper problems. When you zip up the negative feelings and thoughts, it does put your marriage in a difficult situation. You may never change the behaviors that are causing conflicts and wrangles in the marriage, and you may never seek resolutions or help from therapists.

The more you wait to seek help, the further your marriage is drifting apart and headed to misery. The best time to consider working out things with a therapist is when you start having differences. It may be a couple of months after a marriage, a year, or 10 years later. Couples should tackle their problems immediately they see them and not wait too long.

An important thing to mention here is that married people should learn to distinguish between important issues and petty issues. They need to learn to choose battles wisely and seek the help of a marriage therapist early enough. Learn how and when to seek marriage counseling from Gina M Troisi MA, LPC.